To all who reached out after the documentary Wasted aired on CBC’s The Nature of Things, thank you for your messages of support. It meant a great deal to me. I plan to thank you all individually; it’s just going to take a bit of time. And to those who reached out for professional help, your courage to tackle your problem needs to be commended. I ask for your patience as we manage a wait list.

In the meantime, if you are seeking help for a loved one battling a substance use disorder, we’ve built a great online resource for you:

  • • Go to and click on the Interactive Guide.
  • • Built in collaboration with New York City’s Center for Motivation and Change, the guide will teach you a new way of interacting with your loved one designed to stop the negative cycle of anger and shame and humiliation. Not only that, families that master this new way of communicating actually have a better success rate at getting even treatment resistant users help.

The Documentary and the Book.

In Wasted, the film, my partner, documentary filmmaker Maureen Palmer and I reveal a revolution in addiction research and treatment that makes a powerful case for an expanded tool kit to treat our number one public health problem.

In Canada Wasted, is available for free viewing on

If you’d like to purchase the film outside Canada, click here.

The new version of our book, Wasted: An Alcoholic Therapist’s Fight for Recovery in a Flawed Treatment System, is now on sale in Canada, and will be available in the United States February 2016. The 2nd half of the new edition explores new attitudes and new treatments for addiction.

For more on Wasted, the book, click here.

“A vividly written page-turner, (Wasted) relates a sensitive human being’s descent through the inferno of alcoholic despair, and his redemption, even as death stares him in the face. Pond depicts his perilous journey with engagingly self-revealing honesty and a keen eye, ear and pen for description, dialogue, anecdote and humour. Even as our protagonist loathes himself fiercely, the reader roots for him, finding him likeable and inviting of compassion.”

Dr. Gabor Mate, Author, In the Realm of Hungry GhostsGlobe and Mail.

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Mike Pond’s Areas of Specialty


Research now shows that the Twelve Step approach is not the ‘one and only way’ to recover from addictions. I believe there is more than one way to get sober – and I will tailor the treatment to you. Based on a thorough assessment, I’ll create a program that’s uniquely suited to scaffolding your recovery.

I’ll meet you where you are at and try a variety of treatments until we find one that works for you. There are also medications that can diminish cravings and the uncomfortable side effects of coming off substances. I’m not a doctor and can’t prescribe, but you’ll find one pagers on all the medications under “Resources” that you can take to your doctor.

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Mental Health

Mental health is much more than just the absence of mental illness. Instead of focusing on and diagnosing disease or disorder, I prefer to identify and develop the positive characteristics that help people flourish. Some of which include: courage, optimism, hope, honesty, interpersonal skills, effort and perseverance.

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Through many years of professional and personal experience in the challenges of living, I’ve learned that building, cultivating and nurturing of relationships is the core of a happy and fulfilling life. We all make mistakes in our relationships. Approaching relationship with compassion – to the other, and to one’s self, allows us to learn from our mistakes and be more accepting of those in our lives. It’s never too late to learn skills that will transform your life.

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First Nations

Intergenerational trauma introduced through the Residential School experience has destroyed generations of First Nations people. In three decades of practice I’ve seen the devastation first-hand. I’ve also gained the support and trust of hundreds of First Nations clients. And in many ways, I feel they’ve helped me as much as I’ve helped them.

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