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"A passionate book around the struggle and path to recovery from addiction."

Dr. Bernard Le Foll, Head, Alcohol and Treatment Clinic, Addiction Medicine, CAMH

"With tactile intimacy and surgical wit, Pond invites us to share the tragedy of his addiction with a sad smile. And then reveals a singular truth about how people quit. Truly one of a kind… A masterful job of describing the indescribable"

Dr. Marc Lewis, Neuroscientist and Author, Memoirs of an Addicted Brain

"Few books have captured so well the challenge of managing the disease of addiction while simultaneously negotiating an often unresponsive health care system."

Dr. Keith Humphreys, Former Senior Drug Policy Advisor, The Obama Administration

About the Book

Mike Pond the Therapist on Mike Pond the drunk

Psychotherapist Mike Pond built a life helping others struggling with addiction, but he could not help himself. In the first part of his gripping memoir, he recounts how he lost his practice, his home, and his family as a result of his out-of-control drinking and how abstinence-based treatment regimes failed to help him. Not one to give up easily, he, along with his partner, Maureen Palmer, embarked on a quest for evidence-based treatments—science-backed therapies that don’t always demand abstinence—a search chronicled in the book’s new second half.

A Note On the Memoir Process

In telling this story, we needed to be respectful of people’s privacy and the need for confidentiality in some circumstances. Many names and other identifying information have been changed. This book is Mike Pond’s truth. These things really happened. As much as possible we’ve corroborated his recollection of events with those who were also there. Several people have remarked on Mike’s uncanny ability to recall precise details.

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